Little Stars Kindergarten

Helping Little Stars Shine!
What Makes Little Stars Kindergarten Unique?

At Little Stars Kindergarten your child will receive a tailor-made preschool service designed to best position them for entry into primary school education. 

Every child is different. In Little Stars Kindergarten we recognise this more than other preschool providers and set aims and goals according to the different personalities and capabilities of every individual child. In conjunction with parents we draw up an Individual Education Plan (IEP) for each pupil to address the needs of each child. Through the IEP we aim to maximise the physical, emotional, social and educational potential of every pupil.

153We are able to do this because of our strict pupil-to-educator ratio of 3:1.  Where other providers and preschool services for children with special educational requirements often exceed this ratio, Little Stars Kindergarten provides a service that is both intensely focused on the specific needs of each child and the importance of engagement and attention from the preschool staff to each individual child. Without a strict ratio policy it would not be possible to meet the demands of each child.

Further to this, Little Stars Kindergarten also integrates a range of different services and programs from our Occupational Therapists and Speech &Language Therapists as part of a holistic and progressive approach to childhood development. These include:

Sensory Integration: This helps children process sensory information and develops appropriate motor and behavioural responses.

DSC_6089Therapeutic Listening: A successful, research-based tool to treat children who have difficulties processing sensory information, listening, maintaining attention and communicating.

Feeding Therapy: An approach to helping children with any issues around food, smells and taste.

Hand-Writing Therapy: A comprehensive programme that introduces and secures basic writing skills.

POPS: The “Plenty of Potential” programme teaches reading skills by using resources which make the most of each child’s individual strengths.

Numicon: A maths programme that teaches number and numerical concepts in an easy and fun way.

dir_floortime_300Floortime: A specific play approach to help build healthy and positive social, emotional, cognitive, physical and linguistic development.

Lamh: The manual sign language used by children and adults with disabilities, Lamh promotes interactive skills and the first step towards confident communication.

PECS: The Picture Exchange Communication System encourages and initiates first interactions. Children are taught to communicate a need by exchanging images.

Hanen: A programme designed to help young children develop the best possible language, social and literacy skills.

ABA: Applied Behavioural Analysis uses precise systematic and measureable methods to motivate children to achieve socially desirable behaviour.

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